Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hello from Wordsteading

Pardon our dust.  This post is a placeholder so those who have asked about the blog can bookmark it.


This blog will be less about writing itself and more about lifestyle.

I coined the term "wordsteading" last year when I would hear my fellow indie writers talk about their lives, and they reminded me so much of my relatives and especially the pioneers in my family history.  The fact is, the modern "gig economy," combined with indie publishing -- and with all the alternatives in the "urban homesteading" movement -- create more opportunities to find the perfect life than writers have ever had before.

But I notice an awful lot of writers don't know how to adjust to a self-sufficient or alternative life. They start out feeling like they have FREEDOM!, but end up feeling out of control, insecure, at risk. Or they can't make the leap at all, and kill themselves working a day job, and try to squeeze in their writing while building a business out of it -- each part of their life interfering with the other until they're not happy with any aspect of their life.

Many indie writers also don't know how to identify or measure success.  They are told they have to either replace their day job with their writing, OR join the ranks of the hobbyists and effete literary artists, who eschew both money and audience, but revel in self-expression.

In traditional publishing that actually was the choice. There was a time when you had to build a career with full time work and maintain it, just to be published and keep publishing.  But now, with self-publishing? You get to do and be anything you want, and whatever level you achieve, you can maintain it.  Nobody can cancel your books if you don't sell well enough or write fast enough.  (And nobody can limit you either.)  The line between the hobbyist and the professional is completely blurred.

Combine this with advances in technology and the active supportive communities of all sorts of alternative lifestyles -- everything from urban homesteading, to passive income, to off the grid survivalism and "tiny house" dwelling -- and we now have the best chance for writers to create our true ideal life.

I'll be talking a lot about my pioneer ancestors, and Mother Earth News, and alternative living pioneers like Scott and Helen Nearing, as well as about life hacks, and my own troubles and solutions.

I won't be talking as much about fiction writing at the moment, because I'm not doing any of that.  Health and family issues mean that my main writing project for the while will be researching and writing family history.  It's satisfying, and fits where, by necessity, my head is at the moment.  It should also be a fun publishing project, and it is also RICH in inspirations for future fiction. (So I like will talk some about fiction writing.)

So I hope I will soon.... see you in the funny papers.